Company Overview

Established in 2001 in Florida, Medgluv has dedicated itself to being the leading supplier of high-quality medical gloves to the healthcare industry nationwide. We serve all Healthcare Systems nationwide with our multiple GPO contracts serving most Hospitals, and their affiliated non-acute facilities nationwide. Our medical gloves are privately sourced through a network of manufacturers from Asia. Every manufacturer has been recognized for consistency in product quality. Medgluv continually reviews the performance of these manufacturers to ensure strict internal quality and compliance standards.

Our extensive portfolio range of high-quality medical glove products is certified with the prestigious SMG certification from the Malaysian Rubber Research Institute to recognize their compliance with high-quality standards. Our expertise in manufacturing and market requirements has created our success in Medgluv brands and private label offerings to our Distributors and Partners.

Medgluv’s broad market base has enabled the Company to achieve significant manufacturing economies of scale. By using internally developed latex-free and latex formulations and processes, Medgluv is becoming the market’s leader in quality medical examination gloves for users nationwide and creating solutions that help customers improve Healthcare better.

  • Medgluv Inspires Confidence.
  • Trusted Healthcare Partner.
  • Managing Conversion Process.
  • Assurance of Supply and Value Add.
  • Quality Glove Products while Controlling Costs.
  • Uncompromised Quality for Superior Barrier Protection.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified.