Medgluv Bouffant Caps

Medgluv Bouffant Caps

Medgluv Bouffant Caps


Medgluv Bouffant Caps are made with lightweight spunbond fabric and are designed to cover hair in no fluid contamination or light fluid contamination environments. Regular blue spunbond bouffants, are suitable for non-fluid contamination environments, such as patient rooms, waiting areas and exam rooms. They are roomy and lightweight to wear, keeping hair securely tucked away.

Characteristics and Overview:

  • One layer spunbond fabric
  • Latex-Free elastic
  • Blue Color
  • No potential fluid contact.


Mask Specifications:

BrandMedgluv Bouffant Caps
MaterialSpunbound non-woven material
Item NumberMGBC21 – 21″
MGBC24 – 24″
Packaging100 caps/bag,
10 bags/case


Data Sheet (PDF)