AAMI Level 1 Isolation Gown

AAMI Level 1 Isolation Gown

Premium Quality


Disposable Protective Isolation Gown, non-sterile, polyethylene film fluid-resistant protective gown. Impervious to the penetration of fluid liquids. Proudly made in North America


  • Disposable Non-Surgical Isolation Gown
  • 100 gowns per case
  • Breathable
  • Knitted Cuff wrists
  • Straps on neck and waist.

Material: Polyethylene

  • Polyethylene protective gown
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Impervious to Fluid
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Meets and Exceeds AAMI PB70 – Level 1

Made from premium polyethylene coated materials that have been tested against ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671. Poly Coated recommended for: Decontam/SPD, Endoscopy, Trauma and ER

  • Polyethylene coated material tested to ASTM F1670 for blood and bodily fluid penetration
  • Side ties eliminate the difficulties of tying behind the back.
  • Elastic knit Rib cuffs.


Isolation Gown Level 1

AAMI Level / Performance Requirements at 4% AQLSpray Impact
Penetration ≤ 1.0g
Hydrostatic Pressure ≥ 20 cm
Anticipated Risk of Exposure to FluidBetween Low and Moderate
Gown Characteristics (Weight)Medium-weight polypropylene non-woven fabric
Recommended Areas of UseICU, Dialysis,
Med/Surg Unit, Nursery
Lab Pathology
Recommended TasksBlood Draw
Inserting I.V. Lines


Item No.DescriptionPkg
MGGL104X-Large, Blue (Universal)100/cs
MGGL1052X-Large, Blue100/cs

Quantity: 10 per Bag, 10 Bags per Case


Data Sheet (PDF)